Seek Zero Helping clients find their competitive edge through sustainability. Sustainability through reduced emissions and economically viable decisions.

Shipping & marine

MHTech can help you reduce emissions from your operations through nouvelle technologies such as hybrid-electric propulsion, biogas or hydrogen.


MHTech's simulation software will give you detailed insight into energy consumption and production at your facility, covering both transient and peak loads.


MHTech's nouvelle simulation software allows you to calculate emissions from your transport, as well as sizing battery packs and charging infrastructure when switching to electric operations.

Energy systems

MHTech can deliver the required knowledge needed to upgrade infrastructure for cities and areas taking into account the power sources and consumers of the future.

MHTech aims to achieve a better future.
We help implement better solutions.

MHTech's mission is to show clients how they can make more money by going green.

MHTech offers consultancy services and tailor made simulation software tools including decision support within:


What is technologically viable? What changes do the nouvelle technology demand (i.e. hardware, software, and operational use)? Which technology is best suited for your needs?

Climate and environment

How much will the proposed changes reduce both local and greenhouse gas emissions? How will it affect the emissions from your products in a life cycle aspect?


How much will the proposed changes cost? What is the investment needed to realize the change? How will the operations cost change with the proposed changes?


MHTech is a knowledge provider who focuses on the integrated reality of mobility, energy, and industry systems.

MHTech evaluates technology and analyzes alternatives in terms of energy consumption and efficiency for transportation, renewable power generation, properties, and industry.  MHTech has experience from several projects where we quantify the environmental impact and profitability of technology choices.  MHTech focuses on keeping a bird's eye view on all projects ensuring that they facilitate a quicker transition to a circular economy.

"We at Ze Bra greatly appreciate MHTech's expertise and ideas aimed at innovation and development within our industry. We find MHTech to be knowledgeable and skilled service providers with a focus on professionalism and efficiency. We look forward to continued collaboration on our projects."

Ze Bra - Project Manager

"A professionally strong and inspiring team. Challenges partners and customers to think outside the traditional box. Capable of seeing the big picture while being highly detail-oriented. Excellent project managers."

El av Sol Norge AS - CEO

"We have been collaborating with MHTech for a significant period, and we plan to continue because it is characterized by mutual trust and a solution-oriented approach."

FlowChange - CEO

We've got more solutions than problems.

MHTech finds solutions.

We live in a world with too much global warming and too much energy waste. Too much old world and too little new. And so MHTech's engineers take old designs and make them renewable. At our start, we focused on transitioning ferry and bus transportation to more sustainable energy sources. To date, we have seen that our approach can add value for transportation of people and goods, city planning, industry process and buildings.

MHTech was launched in Moss, Norway in 2016 by founders Ole Harald Moe and Anders Martin Moe.

Meet the team

Anders Martin Moe
+47 996 98 341
Robert Helme
Chief Growth Officer
Thomas Kolbenstvedt
+47 402 92 929
Gerhard N. Larsen
Software Developer
+47 936 11 600
Karoline Jespersen
Project Manager
+47 932 14 224
Frøydis Kühne Johansen
Business Developer
+47 959 01 262

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